About us

Always the best chocolate

Acante - the rising star and a synonym for corporate gifts.

When you want to show gratitude with a unique gift, remind the client of a successful cooperation, when the date is important for you and your business partners, or you wish to reward the performance of employees and their loyalty, we are here.

After 7 years of experience and work with “sweets that make you happy” we decided to pay special and adequate attention to corporate gifts. With top quality and chocolate symbol of elegance, we decided to support your business, help you introduce yourselves and strengthen your brand.

Corporate gifts show what we think of our business partners and what our cooperation means to us, they send a message about us, about the employees, but, primarily, about the company. About the intent to continue a successful cooperation.

Hence, we are presenting a new brand – Acante, that will assist you to, with our extensive experience, create an ideal combination of chocolate dragee, Belgian chocolate bars and praline, to encharm your clients or employees.

Belgian chocolate and Belgian praline are an ideal corporate gift, especially in combination with luxurious package, that may be personalized. This will additionally make you distinguished in the eyes of your clients and strengthen your brand.

People are more prone to doing business with the ones they know and like. This is why sending a well-thought-out gift is a perfect way for your company to become a preferential business partner.