Why are corporate gifts important for events?

Corporate gifts are an excellent and original way to show your clients and business partners that you appreciate them. Appropriately selected corporate gifts result in a tremendous “return on investment” by strengthening the relationships leading to better and sustainable business.

The main principle of corporate gifts is best summarized in the old saying: “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Extraordinary corporate gifts will show your clients that you care, that you think of them and that you appreciate your relationship. This is the heritage of a good present, but this also means that you need to invest a bit of time in creating corporate gift strategy – which means thinking further than the wall calendar and branded pen.

There are four main ingredients to an excellent corporate gift:

1) It’s not about you

Giving corporate gifts does not concern you, but your client. The gift should be relevant and useful, and the manner you present it is important as well. But even more important is to decide on a proactive insight into the desires and preferences of your client and make a friendly gesture in the form of something nice that will remind them how much you appreciate your business relationship.

2) Add a personal note to your gifts

Every aspect of your gift should show you thought it through, from the package to the note. Think about the unique package that will assure attention on your gift before it is even opened.

Be sure to add a personalized note – write it yourself, if possible – to show that your client receives the message and gift that was carefully tailored, instead of buying a bunch of identical presents, print one uniform message and send the same gift to your client mailing list. Personal touch in corporate gifts is ever more present in the digital age.

3) One size does not fit all

Depending on your industry, clients and gifts, giving all your clients the same gift may be perfectly appropriate. But, instead of automatically applying this approach, think about the alternative focused on your long term and large potential clients.

In line with this approach, maybe it would be better to consider a smaller amount of presents for your clients that are more important, than giving the same gifts to all the guests.

4) Be different

Gifts separate your events from competition: most probably you are not the only one having gifts on your events, but they may help you create an unforgettable moment. A well-thought-through gift is the perfect way to make your event distinguishable.