New spring box design -- Candy Universe and Acante

We tracked and noted how the business world in Serbia breathes and when we realized how important it is for people to have the right design of the boxes we offer, we decided to make that choice easier for all our associates from HR, marketing or procurement of companies that value their female colleagues throughout the year. On March 8, they especially want to draw attention and celebrate this say together with them!

We have made a very efficient and fast to prepare package on which we can very easily print your logo in gold digital print! If you don't want that ... Our logo and everything we have done so far in doing business in Serbia, goes with the gift as an additional bonus and reassurance to the recipient that the gift in front of them is of a special quality!

In this box you can find the finest Belgian pralines or some of the twenty types of dragees that we have in our permanent offer.

What is especially interesting is that we can apply the same design to other boxes from our offer and with your logo. Interesting isn't it ?!

Here is an example with a Martin box

If all of this that you have seen, so far is not sufficient for the VIP ladies around you ...

We have prepared the same design for our Candy Boxes. This is a gift that will leave every woman who gets this sweetness speechless!

Mix of chocolates in this large package, of course you can select on your own, and choose a very unique mix!

Colleague Miljan is available for all your valued inquiries at 0653023847